Chefs Table Foundation | Vegetarian Spice Classes at Medfield TV
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Vegetarian Spice Classes at Medfield TV

Vegetarian Spice

The Chefs’ Table Series® New Cooking Show
6 Tuesday Evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm
 September 20–October 25, 2016

Are you interested in learning techniques using spices to cook healthy, tasty vegetarian meals? Aditi Thatte, producer and host of Spice Mantra, a cooking series on Medfield TV will expertly teach you how in this new  6 week series of classes being offered through The Chefs’ Table Series® cooking show.

The classes and demo will take place at Medfield TV. Each class and demo will inform and demonstrate a different essence.  There will be tastings, recipes, handouts and a Q &A with Aditi Thatte and nutritionist Joanne Keaveney, R.D.  Each class and demo will be taped to be shown as part of The Chefs’ Table Series® cooking show that airs weekly in over 90 cities across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. More info at

WEEK 1 – Tuesday September 20th: 
Masala and Ghee
  Overview of Spices and Ghee 
(Clarified Butter)

WEEK 2 –Tuesday September 27
th: Rajma
 Red Bean Curry

WEEK 3 – Tuesday October 4th: 
Tofu Bhurji
 Scrambled Tofu

WEEK 4 – Tuesday October 11th: 
Tawa Palak and Pyaz Pilaf 
Spinach Saute and Caramelized Onion Pilaf

WEEK 5 – Tuesday October 18th: 
Nariyal Tamatar Saar and Naan
Coconut Tomato Soup and Naan Bread

WEEK 6 – Tuesday October 25
th: Shrikhand and Chai
 Saffron Yogurt Dessert and Chai Tea

All proceeds benefit the Chefs Table Foundation
Series (all 6 weeks) is $210.00

Individual Classes are $40.00 each
Limited seating. Advanced reservations required. No refunds.
Medfield TV – – 508-359-8888
18 N. Meadows Road, Medfield 02052

About the Chef
Aditi Thatte is the Executive Director at Medfield TV. She is the producer and host of Spice Mantra, an award winning cooking series on Medfield TV. Aditi writes food articles that consist of stories and associated recipes for Hometown Weekly newspaper in Medfield. She also currently serves as the President of Medfield Lions Club and the President of the Medfield Employers & Merchants Organization (MEMO). Aditi spent her childhood in India and has lived in America for thirty-five years. Aditi is passionate about food; she has an ardent interest in teaching and sharing her fondness for cooking.

About the Nutritionist

Joanne Keaveney, R.D is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Culinary Chef, radio personality, on- air TV personality, nutrition lecturer and health/wellness coach. She has over 20 years experience as a top Food and Nutrition expert with strong media communication background and excellent marketing skills as well as10 years experience as life and wellness coach. Keaveney has extensive  experience in the food industry- with front/back of the house, restaurant/chef staff training in U.S. and Caribbean; menu development, along with an extensive knowledge of Caribbean culture and cuisine.

About the Chefs Table Foundation
The Chefs Table Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to support homeless U.S. Veterans and homeless young adults with a culinary arts education.  To fulfill its mission, the Foundation produces an educational TV cooking show called The Chefs’ Table Series, using PBS guidelines on public access stations in Massachusetts.  The purpose of the cooking show is to be educational, social and engaging; the show features cooking instruction, nutritional and chef’s tips, wine and beer pairings and restaurant reviews.  The mission of the Foundation has evolved into supporting U.S. Veterans and  homeless young adults, who have a high school diploma or G.E.D equivalent, in partnership with a non-profit organization that offers a culinary education to candidates.   The education will take place at Kroc Corps Community Center based in Boston. Our hope is that this education will promote self-sufficiency, empowering our candidates to achieve their full potential and re-enter the workforce.
Thank you to our partner McCormick Spice.