S.M.A.R.T. Goal Mini Unit & Poster Bundle



Setting goals is an invaluable tool needed to achieve success in life. These lessons in this bundle break down the goal writing process and empower students to take ownership of their life.


»»» These lessons are included in the  Project School Wellness Curriculum.


These lessons were created to guide students through the goal writing process. Students will learn why goal writing is valuable, how to write a SMART goal with a simple formula, how to use deliberate practice to achieve goals and more! This mini unit comes with detailed and easy-to-follow lesson plans and includes four lessons: 


♦ Lesson 1: S.M.A.R.T. Goal Basics

♦ Lesson 2: Introduction to Goal Writing

♦ Lesson 3: How to Write a Goal

♦ Lesson 4: Reflecting on My Goals


Why this is the easiest bundle you’ll ever purchase:

»»» Literally no extra planning needed – – just print and go! 

»»» A teaching instruction video and written instructions for each lesson.

»»» Teaching PowerPoints for each lesson.

»»» Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessment.

»»» An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson.


BONUS – – This bundle also comes with our SMART Goal posters!


The lessons in this bundle were originally designed as part of the Project School Wellness Curriculum. Project School Wellness’ approach to health is not your everyday health curriculum. We go beyond the old school physical health only approach to teaching health. We’re not focused on getting every kid to run faster miles and memorize dietary guidelines (not that those are bad goals). Oh no, we’ve got our dreams set on something much bigger – empowering every student to thrive!


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