Comprehensive Sex Ed & Sexual Health Unit Plans

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Sex Ed is an integral component of middle school education. Research shows that students who receive comprehensive Sex Ed instruction are more empowered to make healthy decisions in connection to their sexual practices throughout their life than those who do not participate in Sex Ed.


What’s Included:

This engaging bundle makes Sex Ed painless while still being highly educational! In this unit, students will learn about their bodies, pregnancy & contraceptives, sex, relationships, how to make decisions, and more. This Comprehensive Sex Ed & Sexual Health bundle is comprised of 14 lessons:


♦ Lesson 1: Why Sex Ed Matters!

♦ Lesson 2: Introduction to Sex Ed

♦ Lesson 3: Puberty & How Bodies Change – – with Puberty Learning Station activity

♦ Lesson 4: Hygiene Checklist

♦ Lesson 5: Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

♦ Lesson 6: The Reproductive System – – with Bingo! review game

♦ Lesson 7: How Pregnancy Works!

♦ Lesson 8: Contraceptives & How to Prevent Pregnancy – – with Four-in-a-Row review game

♦ Lesson 9: Understanding Abstinence

♦ Lesson 10: Consent & Safety

♦ Lesson 11: Types of Touch

♦ Lesson 12: Building Healthy Relationships – – with mini poster activity

♦ Lesson 13: Love or Just a Crush

♦ Lesson 14: Decision Making – – with mini poster activity


***Bonus: Looking for more easy-to-use and engaging health lessons? Click here to download 5 free lesson plans, an Intro to Health bundle.


Why Teachers Love It

Sex Ed doesn’t have to painful, boring, and out-of-touch! This 14-lesson bundle simplifies the Sex Ed teaching process and is engaging for students and teachers, alike! During the 14 lessons, students will become empowered to make healthy decisions concerning their sexual practices and relationships habits as they go through life!


Why It’s the Easiest Bundle You’ll Ever Purchase:

»»» Literally no extra planning needed – – just print and go! 

»»» Tips for a successful Sex Ed Unit and a page full of teacher resources to help you better understand the topics being taught!

»»» A teaching instruction video and written instructions for every single lesson.

»»» Teaching PowerPoints for each lesson. 

»»» Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessment. 

»»» An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson. 


These Sex Ed and Sexual Health unit plans are seriouslly a must have any health and physical education teacher!


One more thing…

These activities are part of the Project School Wellness Curriculum and build upon an understanding of total health and dimensions of health. 

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